Photography by Dawn Mullenax, @BMHSgTennis, @BowlingTitans and @xcbmhs


Meeting 8/5/2019

Berea-Midpark Athletic Boosters

Officers present: Decker, DiVincenzo, Haas and Sayers-Wodtly

22 members and coaches in attendance

7:05 Pres. Matt Decker calls meeting to order 

Introduction of 2019/2020 Officers 

President-Matt Decker

Vice President - Dee DiVincenzo 

Treasurer - Jeff Haas

Secretary - Melissa Sayers- Wodtly 

Treasurer’s Report –Jeff Haas

Full Report is available upon request (Haas)

Questions asked:

Where do admission fees go towards? –busing transportation for sports & other sports related expenses in AD’s Adam Howard budget

Sponsorship funds- VP DiVincenzo has a good start acquiring several $1000+ tier sponsors, she has other appointments scheduled. We are ahead of last year’s ads and sponsorships collections.

Membership Tiers- $25, $50, $100.

7:22 President’s Report – Matt Decker

Website and Social Media update - run by Amy Decker, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.  We’ve reached 17,000 people in 1 month on Facebook.  Our other social media platforms are doing tremendously well including our new website.

The website promotes all sports teams fundraisers and we highlight Alumni in hopes to bring them back as booster supporters or donors.

The Athletic Boosters were approved by the School District to build a pavilion at Roehm with picnic tables and electricity.

We will sell Corporate Banners and signs around Roehm and the softball field fence. Funds go the the Athletic Boosters’ General Fund.

7:35 VP Report -Dee DiVincenzo

Working on Fall and Winter Programs 

Sponsorship program (available by request and also highlighted on website)

Parent Ads due BY Friday August 15th

Requesting volunteers to sell Programs and 50/50 tickets at home football games

7:50 Madzy Fund -Matt Madzy

Proceeds benefit athletes “at-need” for Pay-2-Play fees

Annual 5 km run and 1 mile dog walk Saturday, September 22nd 

7:55 Fundraising -Carrie Matese

Berea Fair- we need lots of volunteers this week 

Ocktoberfest- handled by Matt Decker- we need more teams to sign up

Carrie said we no longer have AAU concessions.  AAU has moved to Westlake.

Matt Decker says that all volunteer opportunities must go through booster website and social media platforms.  Amy will need links to all the Sign-Up Geniuses to post when Carrie creates them.  This creates an equal opportunity for all teams.

All Sports team that have a fundraiser, send the info to Amy Decker and she’ll post it on all of our social media platforms and Booster website.

Make sure all coaches follow Boosters on social media to stay up to date.

All teams need parent reps.

8:05 Misc Business -Matt Decker

Yard Signs available online.  Denise Dacek handles the orders and works with the printer.  She will deliver them.

Senior Banners- we need a committee since Melissa Stackhouse’s kid graduated.  Danielle Swisher & Beth Porch will work on it.

Tailgating at Football Games -work with themes w/STORM and set up Boosters’ tents-1 outside and 1 inside the stadium/come say hello.  Tent inside stadium allows all the teams to sell whatever item they are fundraising for.  These tents help get our organization out there and help the teams.

Created a Spirit Wear Committee –Beth Porch & Chris Dort, etc.

8:10 Meeting Adjourned

Next Athletic Boosters Meeting

Monday, September 9th @ 7pm

Bring a friend Social at Teamz Restaurant 

Website with all information

Meeting April 15, 2019

Attendance: 17

Introductions were made. Treasurer Jeff Haas covered the balances in each sport’s account. As for the old business, President John Weaver went over the committees as follows: Denise Dacek will now be handling the Yard Signs. Wendy White will handle game day parking lot help. Melissa Stackhouse did a great job with the senior banners this past year and she will continue to handle them. Secretary Melissa Sayers will continue working on recruiting new boosters. Dee DiVincenzo will be the new Fall & Winter Program coordinator and has already formed a sub-committee to help her with this endeavor. Carrie Matese will continue to run the Fundraising Concessions. Information is forthcoming for team sign ups for concessions.

For summer fundraising opportunities: The Berea City Club will need help serving alcohol for their Memorial Day Rib Cookoff at the Fairgrounds. Michelle Pratt will be sending out a volunteer sign-up so that teams may sign up to earn money for their sport. Michelle Pratt also will be sending out a sign-up for the Oktoberfest. Shifts have changed from last year. These new shifts will be 11am-5pm and 5pm-midnight for Oktoberfest. AAU basketball will be running through the summer so Carrie Matese will be sending concessions sign-ups soon.

It was voted upon (4) Athletic Boosters Scholarships will be awarded to (2) females and (2) males athletes.

Elections were conducted to elect a new President and Vice-President. Matt Decker was elected as the new President for a 2 year term 2019-2021. Dee DiVincenzo ran unopposed as Vice President as well as seated Treasurer Jeff Haas. Melissa Sayers opted to remain as Secretary. All terms run 2 years, 2019-2021. Thank you to outgoing President & Vice President John Weaver and Desiree Peterson for your time, efforts and dedication to the Athletic Boosters.

May 13, 2019 is the Fall Sports Mandatory Parent Meeting at 6:30 pm. This will be a great opportunity for Boosters to inform parents about what we do and offer booster memberships.

May 22, 2019 at 6:30 pm is the ESPYS and Spring Sports Banquets.

June 7, 2019 at 9:00am is the Athletic Boosters Annual Titans “All In” Golf Outing.

New Business: Boosters is still looking for someone to run the 50/50 raffles. If anyone is interested, please let Dee or Matt know. It was suggested that Boosters needs their own stand-alone website that Boosters maintains.

Meeting adjourned.

Meeting March, 18, 2019

7:05 pm start
AD Report (Adam Howard)
Getting Spring Sports up and running
Baseball has 4 dates at BW (one being Senior Night) but most games in Strongsville
Spring Pics March 18th and Track March 21st
Still finalizing committee to interview for new girls basketball coach.
Will need to apply and interviews for those interesting S.A.L.T. and for the STORM for 2019 - 2020 school year
*watch for emails and website for details*
Sport Scholarships - Boosters will be giving away four $1000 scholarships (2 females and 2 males)
Please see the Boosters link on the website or email boosters for details.
Important Dates:
Next Athletic Boosters Meeting - Monday April 15, 2019 at 7:00 pm in the Titan Room
Mandatory Fall Parent/Athlete Pre-season meeting May 13, 2019 at 6:30 PM
ESPYS and Spring Sport Banquet May 22, 2019 at 6:30
Annual Golf Outing Friday June 7th, 2019 (tee time at 9 am)
Boosters is searching for two new officers the next two years.
Officer Positions Available:
Vice President
Please email with questions or interest

Meeting September 10, 2019

None Available.